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Auctions Done Right!

We make the auction process as simple and hands off for each and every seller.

Three Simple Steps!

  1. Free Consultation

  2. Prep For Auction

  3. Auction Implementation (Online, Live, or Live and Online)

1. Consultation

Dvorak Auction Service rep will come to your business or home and provide you a free consultation. We will provide you an honest and expert question and answer session while understanding your needs and expectations.  

2. Prep For Auction

While there are many steps and processes that go into making your auction a success, we are the right choice.  Dvorak Auction can remove all assets from the current location of assets, or leave onsite to prepare for auction. 


3. Auction Implementation

There are 3 formats for auctions


In this process Dvorak Auction will either catalog the items at your location, leave onsite, and have pickup at your location.  The second option is removing all items from your location and taking all assets to our Auction Warehouse and having pickup at our location.​

  • The online platform Dvorak Auction uses is  Proxibid is a worldwide auction platform, that has a reach to millions of people. 

  • Dvorak Auction has used for approximately 8 years;  one of the first auction companies in the state to perform online auctions.

  • Proxibid is a very easy online auction platform for buyers to use.  Very comparable to eBay, buyers need to register with a credit card, provide a form of credit, they are allowed to register and bid on the assets available.


This process is exactly the same process, but implements both Auction processes.  Bidding is allowed ONLINE and Also in person.


  • Auction Process for ONLINE or LIVE AND ONLINE

    • Assets can be sold on the same day and same time

    • To achieve the best results assets are listed with the best description possible, and multiple pictures.

    • Dvorak Auction would then list the assets online, for a timeframe of 2-3 weeks (can be more, can be less).

    • A Link to each asset can be provided to seller

    • Advertising will consist of local papers, advertising to construction companies, and Facebook. targeted adds, as well as proxibid direct marketing ads.

    • Auction Day process; this specific auction process allows potential buyers to bid against each other on the specific asset until the highest bid is achieved.  The bidding is extended out by 2 min for each successful bid placed, until no further bidding occurring on the property resulting on selling to the highest bidder.

    • Dvorak Auction would then provide the buyer, all info of where to pickup items, payments, and other Terms applicable. 

    • All payments of property purchases would be made directly to Dvorak Auction.


In this process Dvorak Auction will this process consist of leaving all assets at your location, or we can remove from your location and take to our facility.  

All bidders would have to be at the auction location to bid, and no Online Bidding would be available.  

If you have any question or need clarification please feel free to call Jason @ 515-238-9685 or email at


Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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