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Restaurant Equipment Liquidations

Everyone enjoys going out for dinner with the friends and family. Getting the right fit or niche that restaurants try to capture can be a challenge, and sadly many restaurants come and go almost daily. Even in todays economy, people enjoy going out and enjoy someone cooking for them. As restaurants come and go there is the question of what do we do with all the assets? Fryers, Freezers, Cook Tops, tables and chairs, plus all the other assets can become a huge liability for the owners in trouble. In many instances, the restaurant owners wonder "what do we do? Put in on Craigslist? " We all know what a pain that is, and marketing of your assets is zero with that sort of Venue.

Auctions are the #1 Venue for selling assets! Yesterday as a we just completed another restaurant equipment auction we over exceeded all expectations for buyers and sellers alike! We advertised the auction for nearly 1 month, providing Live and Online Bidding gathering nearly 140 bidders for a nice lineup of Equipment. Auctions need to be the #1 way of liquidations. Professional auctioneers can get sellers Maximum profits through an effective marketing plan.

Providing our customers excellent customer service (buyers and sellers alike) is our #1 priority!

Give us a call if we can help!

515-238-9685-Auctioneer Jason Dvorak, AMM

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